Get to know the Broad Street Bullies:

    "I think hockey is a game, a child’s game, played by men and to play it effectively you must have fun just like children do. I’ve been with too many teams in sports through the years where you weren’t allowed to open your mouth, you weren’t allowed to laugh, you weren’t allowed to question the coach or anyone in authority…you lived in fear. My players don’t live in fear. They get up in the morning, they’re happy and they go to bed, they’re happy. And that’s the type of person I am."  - Fred Shero

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    damn right

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  2. sheercompulsion:

    during the regular season, i can classify teams into categories like:

    • teams i love
    • teams i like
    • teams i don’t care about
    • teams i hate

    during the playoffs, there’s only:

    • my team
    • teams i hate

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    Sad, but oh so true.

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    And now I leave you tumblr with this armoured feline warrior.

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    2013-2014 NHL teams — clinched.

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  4. modorrelin:

    someone posted this on facebook and i can’t believe i’m still laughing i’m sooo ashamed

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  5. iliketheflyers:

    there are children in africa that don’t even get powerplays. be thankful and use yours, flyers.

  6. n64thstreet:

    The armory of Goldeneye 007, by Rare.

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